High Technology Filters (HTF) SA is a spin-off established in Greece the Membranes for Energy and Environmental applications Laboratory (MESL) of the National Research Center Demokritos, Athens, Greece.

HTF focuses on:

(a) the development and up scaling of novel membranes
(b) the development of novel catalytic membranes
(c) the development of membrane intensified processes
(d) the production of flexible spherical carbon filters
(e) the organization of training courses in the field of nanoporous membranes applications.


I.Zuburtikudis, PhD, Univ. of Rochester, Nanocomposites
N.Kanellopoulos, PhD, Univ. of Rochester, Nanoporous membranes and catalysts
A.Kanellopoulos, PhD, Univ. of Capetown, Energy engineering
P.Pechlivanides, PhD, Univ. of Berkeley, Energy engineering
I.Dafalias, PhD, Univ. of Berkeley, Structural mechanics
D.Petrides, PHD, Univ. of Notre Dame, Advanced nanomaterials
A.Pivnenko, Business management