High Technology Filters (HTF) SA

is a spin-off established in Greece the Membranes for Energy
and Environmental applications Laboratory (MESL)
of the National Research Center Demokritos, Athens, Greece..

HTF focuses on:

(a) the development and up scaling of novel membranes
(b) the development of novel catalytic membranes
(c) the development of membrane intensified processes
(d) the production of flexible spherical carbon filters
(e) the organization of training courses in the field of nanoporous membranes applications.


I.Zuburtikudis, PhD, Univ. of Rochester, Nanocomposites
N.Kanellopoulos, PhD, Univ. of Rochester, Nanoporous membranes and catalysts
A.Kanellopoulos, PhD, Univ. of Capetown, Energy engineering
P.Pechlivanides, PhD, Univ. of Berkeley, Energy engineering
I.Dafalias, PhD, Univ. of Berkeley, Structural mechanics
D.Petrides, PHD, Univ. of Notre Dame, Advanced nanomaterials
A.Pivnenko, Business management

Development of Novel Membranes

Hollow fiber mixed matrix membranes for CO2 separation

Hollow fiber ionic liquid membranes for CO2 separation

High flux carbon nanotube array membranes for desalination

High temperature high flux CVD modified ceramic membranes

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Development of Novel Catalytic Membranes

Atomic quantum clusters (AQCls) of less than 500 atoms and sizes less than 4 nanometers are considered very promising for the development of novel and cost-effective catalytic processes. Novel nanotechnology methods have been developed for the preparation of hierarchically structured carbon nanostructures (HSCN) encapsulating single and mixed metal AQCls in carbon nanotube arrays or graphene hierarchical catalytic membranes or catalyst particles….

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Membrane Process Intenstification

HTF focuses on the development of Membrane intensified processes (HORIZON project INNOMEM):
Production of Low Carbon Liquid fuels processes.

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Flexible Spherical Carbon Filters

Advanced technology for the production of activated carbon microspheres with ideal nanopore structure.
The carbon microspheres combine high surface area with bimodal meso-nanopore network,ensuring easy accessibility of the internal micropores to the outside of the microsphere and fast kinetics…..

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Address : 28th October 87

Aghia Paraskevi, Attiki, 15341, Greece

Phone : +30 210 6523420

Email : info@htfm.gr

Email2 : support@htfm.gr

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