Flexible Spherical Carbon Filters

Advanced technology for the production of activated carbon microspheres with ideal nanopore structure.

The carbon microspheres combine high surface area with bimodal meso-nanopore network,ensuring easy accessibility of the internal micropores to the outside of the microsphere and fast kinetics.

Technological Aspects of the Super-sphere filter

High performance standards have been achieved by:

Advanced lamination technology for the production of NBC flexible filter containing activated carbon microspheres through:

  • improvement of microsphere alignment and distribution
  • optimised adsorption performance of microspheres
    B: SuperSphere filter
    A: other commercially available products
Advantages of the Supersphere flexible filter
Advantages of the Supersphere flexible filter
Chemical Protective Clothing

Novel NBC Warfare Protective Systems based on ”new generation” spherical activated carbon Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protective clothing technology with:

  • highest level of protection
  • highest air and water/vapour permeability
  • lowest heat stress
  • lowest thickness
  • highest durability and launder-ability